I’m originally from the UK and have been living in Australia since the early eighties. Having spent a few of the Christmas holidays over the years back home with family, I’ve become familiar with a few English traditions and I decided that this year (or last year), hubby would carry out one of those traditions at our place in Australia.

So just before midnight, hubby opened the back door and let 2014 out. He then walked around the front of the house carrying some salt, coal & bread through the front door. This was to encourage the new year to bring enough food to eat (bread), enough money (salt), and enough warmth (coal) into our home. I’ve always thought this tradition was kind of sweet and somewhat therapeutic so I’ve decided we’re going to continue it through the years. Growing a family in a home which is made up of two very different nationalities, I think it’s important to be able to bring both cultures and traditions into the lives of our children. Oh and I decided at about 3.00 this morning that Strawberry Daiquiris are going to be our own little tradition too. Happy New Year!



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