I’ve planned this post for the last few years, but now I’m here I have no idea where to start. I suppose the best place is that which is closest to my heart: My family. I’m a mother of two boys aged six and four, and I now also have a baby girl who I have dreamed about for most of my life. I married my best friend almost ten years ago, and have never regretted it for one minute. He, along with our three children mean the world to me.

I know it seems I’m painting a perfect picture, but it’s all true. It hasn’t come without some pain along the way, but our lives have been blessed with many more happy and memorable moments. During a difficult time of my life, I made the decision to leave a job I no longer enjoyed. Two weeks later I was at the beginning of a degree which I wish I’d pursued earlier. I’m officially learning to write. I’m an unemployed student, mother, wife and domestic goddess (okay that last bit may be a bit of an exaggeration). I hope to document my journey, share some of my stories along the way and make someone smile.


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